T he Federation of Indian Publishers is the representative body of publishers in English, Hindi and other regional languages with its membership from all over India, representing more than 80 percent of the publishing industry. All the leading publishers of the country are its direct members, other publishers being represented through various local associations. Since its inception, the Federation has become the national representative body of the Indian Publishing Industry and is growing stronger and stronger day by day. Internationally also, the Federation has played an important role. India is considered and respected as a great publishing nation all over the world.
The great characteristic of the Federation is that it is a deliberative and consultative organization with the principal objective to strengthen and promote professional standards among our members and create a forum not only to discuss their problems but also to address them satisfactorily.

Affiliation to IPA

The Federation is affiliated to the International Publishers Association, Geneva, as the only representative body of Indian publishers. The Federation hosted the 24th International Publishers Congress held at New Delhi in January 1992 which was acclaimed to be the best Congress organized during the last more than three decades. The Federation of Indian Publishers has been entrusted to organize 32nd International Publishers Congress to be held from 10-14 February, 2018 at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi.

National Convention

The Federation organised eighteen National Conventions of Indian Language Publishers in 1993, 1995, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2007, three in 2008, three in 2009, one in 2013, two in 2014 and two in 2015 in which publishers from all over India participated. The Conventions proved to be a great cementing force bringing together publishers from different language areas at one platform. The Federation also organized a National Convention on ‘Making India a Book Reading Society’ in 2004.

Delhi Book Fair

The Federation has also been associating with ITPO in organizing the Delhi Book Fair since 1995 which provides a big opportunity to Indian publishers to expose their books to a vast number of readers. Delhi Book Fair has since established itself as an annual cultural event in the history of Delhi and showcases the progress made by Indian publishing over the years.

Awards for Excellence in Book Production

The Federation has a Scheme to give Awards for Excellence in Book Production. The Federation has also instituted the Distinguished Publishers Award and Distinguished Women Publishers Award for selected women publishers which are the most coveted awards. The Federation also gives Freedom to Publish Award to a publisher, who shows courage to publish controversial books without fear of the wrath of the fundamentalists or any action by the state. The Federation has also instituted the Young Publishers Award, the Award for Distinguished Editors and Designers, the Award for Distinguished Translators and the Award for ‘Books on Books’.

Co-operation with Government Departments

The Federation’s advice, cooperation and assistance on all matters of mutual interest have invariably been sought by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the National Book Trust, and other organizations and agencies in India and abroad concerned with the publishing industry, promotion of books, and cause of education and literacy in general.

Co-operation with International Agencies

Owing to FIP’s international standing and importance of India in the book field, the UNESCO and the International Publishers Association, in association with a number of book related international agencies, declared Delhi to be the World Book Capital for 2003-2004. The Federation played the key role in bagging this honour for the country. The Federation also played the key role, through its efforts made over the years with the Frankfurt Book Fair authorities, in having India nominated for the second time as the Guest Country at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2006, after twenty years, which is a rare honour. The Federation was also instrumental in getting the ‘Guest of Honour’ status accorded to India at the Paris Book Fair 2007. Through the efforts made by FIP, the Turin International Book Fair authorities offered the Guest of Honour status to India at the Turin International Book Fair held in May 2010.

Registered Society

  • The Federation has been registered as a Society on 18 July 1974 under the Societies of Registration Act XXI 1860.

Objectives of the Federation

  • To promote professionalism in the publishing industry.
  • To promote harmonious author-publisher relationships.
  • To promote free flow of literature among countries.
  • To promote networking among the publishers.
  • To uphold the freedom to write and publish.
  • To uphold copyright for authors & publishers in order to encourage creativity.
  • To make India a book reading society.