Federation of Indian Publishers honours Karine Pansa with Global Ambassador of Publishing & Education Award

The Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) has announced the prestigious title of “Global Ambassador of Publishing & Education” to Ms. Karine Pansa, President of the International Publishers Association (IPA). The award ceremony took place during the transformative event, “Transformative Trends in Publishing: Shaping the Future through IP, Tech, Data & AI,” held in the gracious presence of Dr. Subhas Sarkar, Union Minister for Education, Government of India, Mr. Naveen Gupta, President of FIP, and Mr. Pranav Gupta, General Secretary of FIP.
Ms. Pansa, famous for her pivotal role as Managing Partner and Publishing Director at Girassol Brasil, a leading children’s book publishing house based in São Paulo, Brazil, has been instrumental in advancing literacy and promoting access to high-quality reading materials. Her commitment to fostering literacy and her advocacy for the freedom to publish have been the cornerstones of her illustrious career. As President of the Brazilian Book Chamber and now as President of the International Publishers Association, Ms. Pansa continues to champion global literacy efforts, embodying the values of inclusivity, diversity, and advocacy within the publishing community.
To recognise her contribution to the publishing industry, the Federation of Indian Publishers has honoured Ms. Karine Pansa with the title of “Global Ambassador of Publishing & Education.” Through her visionary leadership and tireless dedication, Ms. Pansa has left an indelible mark on the world of books, inspiring publishers, educators, and readers alike to embrace the transformative power of literature.
Accepting the award, Ms. Karine Pansa talked about her commitment to advocating for the transformative power of education and publishing. She emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing the evolving challenges facing the publishing industry and reaffirmed her dedication to advancing literacy efforts globally.